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Professional Sitters

Our agency is dedicated to providing quality child care to your home! All of our sitters are professionals with experience in interacting with your children and involving them in age appropriate activities.

Sitter Plus
Corporate events, church nursery, wedding, parties, conventions, meeting, reunions, hotel, weekend core.

Evening Out
Need an evening out? Our sitters come to your home to interact with your children and assist them in evening activities, including homework, games and chores.

Need a weekend away? Our sitters come to your home and stay while you’re out of town. They run the household for the weekend and keep the children’s activities in tact.

After School
An after school sitter greets your child at the bus stop, provides recreation, assists with their homework, and perhaps starts a meal for the family.

Newborn Care
Get a good night sleep. All shifts available for care.

VIP Special Services
Designed for one time unique and special situations such as hotel guests, visitors to the area, families relocating, special functions (weddings, conventions, family reunions, sports events, funerals, etc.).

Many families use our sitter service while making a long term provider decision. Sitters can be provided on short notice.

To begin the process of hiring your Professional Sitter, click on the “Client Application” button below.  We will provide guidance and support throughout the process in addition to an absolute guarantee of your satisfaction with the candidate you choose. We welcome your questions and look forward to working with you!


  • Standard Booking – $20 per day
  • Less than 24 hours notice – $30 per day
  • Holidays – $40 per day
  • Annual Service Fee – $150
  • Exclusive Yearly Fee – $1,250.00

To pay the fee for your upcoming booking use the checkout below.

Kansas Household Staffing Client Fees


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